About Lore

@ soul-level: Divine communicator, reader of energy, natural channel, with an uncanny ability to help people look at themselves and their life's purpose in a whole new light


I am a psychotherapist, spiritual advisor and reader of souls.  I am a bit of a "degree collector" - yes, one of those school geeks that loves to learn.

I have a bachelors degree in Elementary Education, which I chose because I had NO idea what I wanted to do with my life and it sounded easy - gack!!  I also have 2 masters degrees, one in technology education and the other in mental health counseling.

In 2015 I had a bit of a mid-life  crisis   transformation so I quit my "traditional" psychotherapy practice, left my marriage, moved back to Miami, and opened my spiritual coaching and consulting practice.

I now provide spiritual guidance - using different tools such as the Akashic Records and Tarot - to teach entrepreneurs and professionals who they are at soul-level so they can step into their greater purpose and do the work they love.

At soul-level I am designed to work with words, both written and spoken.  I am quite the chatter-box and can be very opinionated at times.  But I get these awesome downloads from Source to share with the world and/or my clients, so I feel privileged to be a vessel for Divine wisdom and guidance.

I use Zoom to connect with my clients and have served people all over the world... even way over there in New Zealand.


I live in Annapolis, Maryland with the love of my life and 3 cats who should be really named Scared, Clumsy, and Holy Terror.

I am insulin resistant and have been dairy, grain, and sugar-free for about 7 years now. I feel great (and don't even miss conventional sweets or bread) so I ALWAYS make meal prep a priority. I am indeed, a food snob.

I am a bit of an adventurer, joining the circus in college (which was really just a way to get a PE credit without having to run laps), and then working for 2 years in a remote part of Alaska where no tourist in their right mind ever goes.

I've been an Iyengar yoga student for many years now and attribute this particular style to doing poses (such as headstand) that I never thought this almost-50 year old body would be able to do.  Good lord... am I THAT old already??

Oh, and I strongly believe that dark chocolate and bacon make everything better.

Experience A 1:1 With Me

A reading and guidance session for professionals who want to know themselves at a deeper level (their purpose, strengths, and gifts) so that they can experience more confidence, joy, and passion for their work in the world.

Who Are You?

Get clear on who you ARE. Are you caught up in the "should's"? Or trying to follow someone else and do it THEIR way? Maybe you have you been in your current soul-sucking job for so long that you feel totally lost!

Let's dive into your primary purpose, gifts, and strengths, both at SOUL-LEVEL and from a PERSONALITY perspective. (They are different!)


Identify Misalignments

Why did you choose to do the work you are/were doing? Was it someone else's idea? Money? A fluke?

Choosing a career based on external criteria will quickly lead to unfulfillment. Once you know and understand yourself better, you can start to see the various areas where you aren't making good use of your strengths or living out your purpose.


Tweak & Adjust

It's one thing to see yourself in a whole new light and where things are misaligned or not working. It's another to know what to do, what actions to take, to get the results you want.

You will leave with a clear plan of action so that you can not only work with more confidence, ease, and flow, but so that you start moving in the direction you want to go.



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