Morning Magic

A course to help you start your day feeling calm, focused, and connected to your higher-self so that you make better decisions for increased productivity.

(It only needs to take 20 minutes, and you don't even have to get up at 5am. Phew!)


How you start your day sets the tone and foundation for the day!

  • Do you wake up feeling on-edge and anxious because you're already thinking about all the things you have to get done that day? 
  • Do you spend your day reacting to stuff because you have too much junk in your head to think clearly?
  • Are you making choices that sound good on the fly or that you think you "should" do, but then just end up resenting?
  • Do you know, deep-down, that you REALLY need more structure in (and control of) your day?
  • Are you busy but not really productive?

Are you showing up every day as the leader that you desire to be?

IMAGINE waking up excited and motivated, and starting your day feeling grounded, clear, and tapped into the wisdom of Spirit.

What kind of difference would that make?

Video Modules

In this course you will find short, easy-to-digest video modules that share with you how to nourish your body, mind, and spirit in the morning so that your productivity skyrockets!

A Ton of Resources

This course was designed to give you a lot of flexibility so that you can try different things, but ultimately can customize a routine to what works best for YOU and your time frame.

There are 3 action items in here that are a MUST in the morning if you want results.  
But the others?  
Feel free to adapt them to your afternoons or evenings!

=> Course Outline <=

1. Start With This

An easy 30 second action to detox your body

2. Move Your Body

If your nervous system is taxed, then any kind of positive or productive thinking will fail. I give you a specific way to decompress your nervous system so you can instantly have calmer thoughts.

3. A Secret Note On Coffee

Shh... don't tell anyone!

4. Quiet The Mind

Everyone knows the benefits of meditation, but it can be challenging! Included are a few tips to make it easier.

5. Your Soul-Voice Versus Your Mind

Learn how to know the difference and start listening to your inner GPS.

6. Understanding & Supporting Your Mind

Is your mind running amok?  Are you giving it a productive outlet for all the garbage it keeps chattering about?

7. Advanced - Learning To Channel Guidance

Want to communicate with Source?  Tap in to the wisdom of the Universe, plus learn about Spirit Guides and how they can help you make the "right" choices for YOU.

8. Busy But Not Productive?

Learn how to assess if you are focused on the "right" actions or spending your days just being busy.

8. Setting Priorities

Be intentional with your time and set your days up to focus on the stuff that matters.


An entire RESOURCES SECTION filled with handouts, planner suggestions categorized by strengths/preferences, self-care tips based on Zodiac sign, and a way to track your progress.

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This course is for those who are tired of waking up feeling scattered and unmotivated, and want to learn to tap into the power of their own inner-guidance and the guidance from the Universe for a more focused and productive day.

*If you are a leader, professional, or business owner, your daily frame of mind / way of being directly impacts your bottom line!*

It's time to start setting up your days for success!

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Reap the Rewards!

  • Learn to listen to your REAL self, and be more in touch with your values and what YOU want.
  • Stop falling into the trap of someone else's "should's" and "need to-s".
  • Be more open and conscious of when Spirit is guiding you. (The Universe ALWAYS shows you the way... if you listen!)
  • Increase trust and faith in yourself.
  • Decrease anxiety and overwhelm.
  • Get to sleep faster. (All of these activities can be done in the morning AND evening for an even bigger boost!!)
  • Get your body to work WITH you for a clearer, more focused mind.
  • Make more confident and aligned decisions for yourself throughout the day.

By starting your day with a plan and making the time to connect to your inner-guidance, you shift from a busy human just DOING stuff to INTENTIONALLY BEING.

So many people are too busy trying to be someone else or prove their worthiness by "getting things done". 

How about you?

Are you doing the "right" things, or even the things that matter?

Hi, I'm Lore Goldstein.

How did my "Coffee with the Universe" morning routine get started?


It was really out of a desperate attempt to calm the anxiety that was taking over my body and being back in 2013.

I was in the middle of making some difficult life decisions, and couldn't even hear myself think.  I was also trying to run a business and actually get things done (that mattered) during the day.

Instead, I found myself just reacting to everything because I was overwhelmed and exhausted.  This led to some bad decision-making, and then resentment toward things I said "yes" to. 

I finally decided that I was not going to allow anxiety and overwhelm to start my day.  I - ME - was going to be in charge.

So I started with 10 minutes of reading A Course in Miracles while I was enjoying my morning cup of coffee to get out of my head and feel more connected to a higher power. 

I then added 5 minutes of meditation, and shortly after, 5 minutes of stretching to get some good energy flowing through my body. 

My Coffee with the Universe, Morning Magic routine grew from there, and I found my anxiety levels dissipating.

I also started making choices that were more in alignment with what I wanted and needed. This made a HUGE difference in my productivity, happiness throughout the day, and my overall success.

I take about 30-45 minutes in the morning, EVERY MORNING, to do the activities I go over in this course even to this day.  (But you can do in as little as 20 minutes!)

I now start my day feeling calm, collected, and inspired as I have tuned into myself and the Universe for guidance.

I FEEL IT ON THE INSIDE!  It's an inner-motivation and excitement that helps me get things done, even the hard stuff.  I don't know how else to explain it...

Make Some Morning Magic!

Say goodbye to morning overwhelm and anxiety, and good morning to the intuitive, peaceful, and purposeful leader you are created to be.


Rule your mornings, don't let your mornings rule you!