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The Stress Of Making Something Out Of Nothing inner-peace mindset

(Image courtesy of Sasin Tipchai.)

The untrained mind always wants to make EVERYTHING mean something.

I'm not talking about learning lessons and gaining wisdom from our experiences. I’m a firm believer that Spirit is always presenting us with both good and bad experiences so that we...

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Let Go. You Aren't in Charge! inner-peace surrender

I used to believe that I am in charge.

Ok, so I am responsible for what I eat, my thoughts, and my actions, but I am not able to control ANYTHING outside of myself.

Not even when my darling, messy-moo husband chooses to leave random stuff laying around instead of putting it back where it all...

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Finding Peace in Surrender inner-peace surrender tarot

(The Hanged Man card is from Lightseers Tarot)

The year 2020 just keeps getting even more glorious.

Covid to start, then 3 of our fur babies passed this year from skin cancer, kidney failure, and lymphoma.

And last week, my father fell and broke his wrist and pelvis. So my Thanksgiving will...

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