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When Your Foundation Crumbles, Build Something Better!

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My business is dead, sort of.

So what exactly does it mean when in a matter of three hours I lost a bunch of social media content that I uploaded into a form that turned it into garbled gook. And then my whole website went down and my hosting company could not seem to fix it, even with a backup?

If that isn’t the Universe speaking to me, I don’t know what it is!

I pulled a couple of cards around it, and the Tower, with its message of destruction, chaos, and upheaval showed up proudly.

I kept asking myself why I was so calm. I mean, shouldn’t I be freaking out?

After all, I have YEARS of content built up in my blog! It would take quite some time to restore it from all the Word documents I have stored who knows where on my computer.

Maybe I am becoming better at practicing the Buddhist principle of detachment. It sure was nice to still experience calm within despite my vanquished social media content and website.

Buddhist philosophy teaches us that suffering is useless and that we can suffer when experiencing loss, but also when we desire and want things.

Think about it. Sometimes we want something so badly that we obsess over it. Or spend days, weeks, years making endless plans. Or have a pity party because it’s out of our reach at the moment.

Even though you might be feeling some excitement over said desire, there is also suffering involved. Feelings of anticipation and longing stem from a place of lack, and can easily turn into stress and anxiety.

So while I faced the loss of my content AND a desire to get it back, I decided to create some peaceful meaning from this instead of choosing to suffer and fret.

Sure, technology goes wonky sometimes and just doesn’t work all that well. But I am a believer that everything happens for a reason.

So upon some reflection, I realized that my tech woes appeared to light a fire under my ass to make some much-needed changes. They actually gave me permission to do what I knew deep down, I need to do. With my new Coffee with the Universe radio show, I’ve wanted to make some changes to how I share content, and run courses, programs, and services, as well as simplify my message and Internet presence.

I’ve even considered consolidating everything in Kajabi (my email and teaching platform) instead of splitting it with WordPress despite the warnings about putting “all my eggs in one basket”.

It would make my workflow so much easier and less complicated. I actually don’t think it would have been a bad thing to start fresh, as a lot of what’s on my website is old and outdated anyway. There was something “light” feeling about making a new online presence.

So while the Tower does portray a building crumbling to the ground, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing!

Sometimes we need a little bit of forced change to build something better, more in alignment.

And to be honest, if your foundation falls down, then there were cracks in it already.

When you find yourself in times where things go wrong, take a deep breath, detach, and see what kind of greater message or meaning you can make from the situation.

NOW we are listening to the Universe and allowing ourselves to be divinely guided. It always has our back!

P.S. - My website was restored about a day and a half later - I was not so lucky with the lost social media content. But regardless, I know what I need to do now, and am embracing the change.