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Let's discover 3 tips to help you prioritize so you can focus on the “right” things.

Are You Focused On The Right Things?

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(Tarot card is from the Lightseers Tarot deck)

It’s really easy to be busy, but not so easy to be productive. We often have a hard time creating balance in our life and/or accomplishing the things that matter. Even after a full day of activity, you might still feel like you haven’t gotten anything done!

With COVID, we have seen a lot more people talk about self-care and balancing work, home responsibilities, family, health, and play. COVID has gifted us the opportunity to sit back and reflect on what wasn’t working pre-COVID (but we were too “busy” to notice), what is truly important now, and what changes will continue to remain even if COVID subsides.

It’s easy to use being “too busy” as an excuse to not prioritize the things that are actually going to bring you joy, good health, more abundance, and peace.

So what do I mean by focusing on the RIGHT things? There is no one “right” way to prioritize. MY goals, intentions, and tasks are NOT going to be the right ones for YOU.

We are different people, and trying to compare yourself to someone else is where you then get lost and way off track. Pretty soon you find yourself living someone else’s life and working in a job that isn’t reflective of your purpose.


Here are 3 tips to help you prioritize so you can focus on the “right” things:


1. Know yourself at soul-level.

When you know how you are innately designed, you’re able to plan and prioritize based on your strengths and Divine purpose, as well as be OK with delegating or tossing the tasks that really aren’t in your wheelhouse.

We sometimes spend a lot of time trying to compensate for weaknesses or take on tasks because we feel we “should” be doing them, which then just takes time away from doing something that we value more, that’s more meaningful and fulfilling.

For example, if writing doesn’t come easy to you, then spending your precious time forcing yourself (and taking ALL DAY) to write a blog post for your business doesn’t serve you.

“Time is the most valuable thing a man can spend.” 

~ Theophrastus, Greek philosopher

Speaking of values…


2.  It’s also really beneficial to know what your values are.

Your REAL values, not the values that you were necessarily raised with or that your social circle embodies.

If you look at your goals and your To-Do list, how many items on there will produce results that you don’t even care about?

Sure, the outcomes may sound good, it might even look good for you if you were to accomplish them. But do you really even give a shit? (BTW, if you have a bunch of goals that you keep procrastinating on, you might have a value disconnect.)

Try not to get all judgmental with yourself.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t value losing 15 pounds by going to the gym five days a week. Maybe you’d rather just buy some new jeans than try and force yourself to fit into the past.

Maybe you don’t value cooking your own meals and are perfectly OK getting take out or a meal delivery subscription service so you can spend more time with the kids.

Maybe you don’t value connecting with other people and you give yourself permission to stop attending every single networking event out there in hopes that it will bring you a new client. You can then spend that previous networking time on your dream of starting a podcast.

Ask yourself, why is it exactly that I am doing what I’m doing? If you can’t find a damn good reason, then delegate or toss it.


3. Give yourself some time EVERY DAY to be mindful and conscious about your daily schedule and tasks.

It’s one thing to say you’re going to increase your awareness about what you’re doing, it’s another to actually schedule a time to reflect.

This is why I created the Morning Magic course. To help leaders take control of their day, and to be more conscientious about what they are doing and why.

One of the biggest excuses I hear about creating a morning routine is, “I don’t have time for that.”

My argument is that you don’t have time to waste by making reactive decisions thus continuing to be unfocused, unhappy, and unhealthy.

There’s a reason why the following Zen proverb is so popular: "If you don't have time to meditate for 5 minutes, then meditate for an hour.”


In today's post, the reversed 2 of Pentacles reminds us to make sure that we are juggling all of the RIGHT priorities. The ones that fit who we are, how we are made, and what we care about.

If we aren’t being mindful of what we are doing EVERY day, then we risk feeling regret (usually after something tragic that happens) that we didn’t pay attention to those things that truly matter.

Just ask Steve Jobs, founder of Apple.

“I think the things you regret most in life are the things you didn’t do.”

~ Steve Jobs


P.S. - If you would like some help on knowing yourself at soul-level, check out my Being-Doing session. You can also learn more about the Morning Magic course here.