"Being Doing"

Guidance Session

A 60-minute, 1:1 session with me to take you from feeling unfulfilled, misaligned, and a bit "off" to finally being and doing YOU.


Does your current way of “being” actually match how you are designed to be at soul-level?

When you are making choices from a place of "should's", what you think seems / looks good, or out of obligation, you find yourself feeling lost and very much disconnected from yourself.

And is what you are “doing” in alignment with what your spirit is calling you to do?

When your actions are not in alignment, you find yourself feeling overwhelmed, anxious, and generally unfulfilled.

Get Clarity

Get clear on what's not working and WHY. Are you truly being yourself? Or are you subconsciously trying to fit in somewhere, or please others? AWARENESS is the first step for change.

Know Your Strengths

Just because you happen to be good at something doesn't mean that it will bring you happiness. Let's highlight your soul-level strengths, because THAT'S what helps you create abundance!

Take New Action

It's one thing to get information or validate what you know. It's another to take ACTION.  You will leave with CONCRETE steps to take to get you moving in the right direction.

Book Your Session Now

** All sessions are confidential but are also recorded for your convenience as I often present a lot of information or get “downloads” that I can’t exactly recall later. Please note that if you are worried about your privacy due to technology, just let me know before the session that you do not want it recorded. 

We will be using Zoom to connect, and you will receive an email after booking with instructions.