Guidance Session


Uncover your soul's PURPOSE and strengths so you can do what you are created to do and LOVE your work in the world.


Does your current way of “being” actually match how you are designed to be at soul-level?

When you are intentionally (or unintentionally) trying to be someone who you are not instead of how you are Divinely created to be, you find yourself feeling overwhelmed, unfulfilled, and very much disconnected from yourself and your career.  You are just going through the motions instead of engaging in purposeful work and in the scope of what you truly LOVE and are created to do.

Psst... life is too short to just "tolerate" your Monday through Fridays.


Is what you are “doing” in alignment with your greater purpose in the world?

When you make life and career choices from a place of "should's", what you think looks good, what you happen to be good at (but secretly hate), or out of obligation, you find yourself generally resentful, burned-out, and uninspired.  Plus, you never make your dreams a reality or reach the kind of success you desire.

Oh poo!

If you feel disconnected from your career and are really starting to question what you are doing and why...

Then it's a good sign that you aren't living and working according to who you truly are!

Get Clarity

Get clear on who you ARE.  Are you trying to follow someone else and do it THEIR way? Or have you been in your current soul-sucking job for so long that you feel totally lost?

Let's dive into your primary purpose, gifts, and strengths, both at SOUL-LEVEL and from a PERSONALITY perspective. 
(They are different!)


Identify Where "Off"

Why did you choose to do the work you are/were doing?  Was it someone else's idea? For the money? Or did it seem like a good fit, that you would enjoy it? 

Once you know and understand yourself better, you can start to see the various areas where you aren't making good use of your strengths or living out your purpose.


Tweak & Adjust

It's one thing to see yourself in a whole new light and where things are misaligned or not working.  It's another to know what to do, what actions to take, to get the results you want. 

You will leave with a clear plan of action so that you can not only work with more confidence, ease, and flow, but so that you start moving in the direction you want to go.



This is a 60-minute, online 1:1 session with me.

  • I use a combination of the Akashic Records and Tarot to "look up" and share personality and soul-level details about YOU. The info comes directly from you and Source!
  • The session is fully recorded so you don't have to stress about taking notes.
  • We meet via Zoom and connection details will be emailed to you upon booking your session. 
  • And guess what... you do NOT have to get all dressed up to look pretty for our video chat...phew!  It's totally casual.

Please note, this service is NOT:

=> Me giving you advice based on what worked for ME.  MY way WILL NOT be YOUR way!

=> A quick, wave-the-magic-wand fix.  You actually have to make some changes if you want different results in your life/career.

=> Information gathered via personality tests such as the Myers-Briggs or DISC Assessment. (You don't need me for that, plus accuracy of the results is as only as good as how well the test-taker knows him/her self!)

=> A fortune-telling session.  My work is to give people massive amounts of clarity, explore areas of growth, and help them move forward in a direction that is aligned and authentic to who they truly are.

Live and work according to who you are at soul-level.

Experience greater joy, creativity, and connection to yourself and your career by being and doing YOU!

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Your time is limited so don't waste it living someone else's life.  ~Steve Jobs