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Hi, I'm Lore Goldstein.


I started having coffee with the Universe (literally) as a way to try and quell the daily anxiety I was experiencing due to some difficult life choices I was making at the time. 

You know, the kind of choices you have to make when something comes crashing to the ground and you start to RETHINK your life, what you are doing, and why.

I honestly felt a bit lost, and my soul was screaming at me from deep within to follow a greater purpose... whatever that looked like.

While it started as a total experiment, my daily coffee with the Universe (CWTU) routine ended up giving me the space to get to know myself at a deeper level and have full confidence in my strengths as a leader, a creator. I could finally hear my higher-self speaking.

After witnessing the transformation that took place, I decided to create the CWTU radio show, blog, and Morning Magic starter course, to share my thoughts and experiences so that you too can experience the joy of uncovering your greater purpose and creating work in the world that you love!

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